Thursday, 13 February 2014

A fallible God

A fallible God

The rulers of two nations have told me "It's your campaign, so you are God"

However the cosmos has rules and I appear to have erred against its physics, in one case at least, to the disadvantage  of a Ruler.

1) I have enforced, am in the process of enforcing, a rule that a force out of supply must withdraw to its home bases. However It appears that it can choose to remain isolated (but of course it cannot be reinforced)

Any force finding itself out of supply from the start of  Spring 1743 now may opt to stay in the province it is per SoK

I need also to point out that a unit in a province with a coast remains "in supply" if there is a fleet in the adjacent sea zone.

2) In the battle between Russia and Turkey, I allowed the bulk of the Russian force to huddle in the capital, effectively taking the siege option when actually it had elected to fight. It has been pointed out that when I was in a similar position in the previous campaign, I was only allowed to place a limited proportion of my force in fortifications. 

Had the Russian force faced the Turkish force in the field the result could have been very different and Turkey has been disadvantaged by my bad decision

I am therefore ruling as follows

The Turkish force is now out of supply. As advised at the end of the game, it must withdraw towards a home base. It is aware it's route back is occupied and conflict is highly likely otherwise it would not be cut off  However as compensation for my error, the Russian force in the capital may not come out and pursue. The Turkish force will have to take its chances with whatever lies in its path alone. Russia retains its income from its capital province which it would otherwise lose.

Not the most satisfactory of compromises but the best I can think of.

3) Supply of Generals
All the games played so far have been hindered by the number of "6" generals. I hadn't advised of the option that a "7" general could be bought at the same price as a unit, although I had said that a new "7" could be created or a "7" be promoted to an "8" or an "8" promoted to a "9" in the winter move.

So from Spring 1743 (next build period) generals may be purchased. In addition, because we are now 6 moves in and I hadn't offered the option, as an "act of God" I am giving all nations one extra "7" general immediately. assume it's one of your "6s" who has passed a "boy done good" roll . Please advise as to his location when you submit moves.

4) To Generate more games.
Where medium size armies meet (say 10 to 15 units) if both players agree the number of units can be doubled to give a (assume each regiment has two battalions)

I will now wait for the sound of my altars being smashed across Euirope.

Up to date individual locations spread sheets to follow. It's winter, so your treasury grows but there are no builds.

Moves by close of play March 2nd including general promotion and new general location.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Maps Summer 1742

Maps: Summer 1742

These are post movement.

The provinces in BLACK are contested.

The situation in North Central Russia is resolved. Russia is beseiged in its capital. The Turkish force remains in the province but will need to withdaw next time as it is out of supply.

Games are to be arranged to determine the other two conflicts

Please note: Norway should show GREEN as a Russian Province

Please note: Norway should show GREEN as a Russian Province

Saturday, 18 January 2014

European Guardian: Early Summer 1742

European Guardian: Early Summer Edition 1741

Stalemate in North Central Russia
Sultan Ali I contemplates long retreat

Following Spring's fruitless  trek through the Steppes of Central Russia, Sultan Ali I's Turkish expeditionary force of Sipahis and Janissaries poured into North Central Russia and arrived at the gates of Moscow.

Although retreating most of her forces behind the city defences immediately, Tsarina Elizabeth posted her cavalry in a position to try to weaken the advancing hordes

The Russian forces in "Moscow" with a Russian cavalry brigade stationed outside the walls to exploit weaknesses in the Turkish deployment

The Turks deployed in three divisions, the left flank facing Moscow but hidden from the city by a low ridge

The Turkish left flank, a mix of sipahis and janissaries. 
The ridge hiding them from Moscow top left

The Turkish Centre, comprising janissaries and artillery showed an initial reluctance to advance while the left wing swept forth to the ridge overlooking Moscow.

The Turkish centre with the artillery remaining cautious on the start line

After a cavalry battle on the ridge above Moscow, which initially cost the sultan a sipahi unit, a second round of fighting saw the Turks sweep round the back of Moscow and see off the Russian Cavalry and one hapless militia unit that had ventured beyond the walls.

Turkish Cavalry behind "Moscow" seemingly pursued by Cossacks but the shaking of the cuirassier will force them to leave the table as well

Now effectively trapped behind the walls, the Russians await attempts to assault the walls or to pound them with artillery, however night began to draw closer 

The sipahis on the Turkish right move forward

and janissaries close up

The Sultan went forward to closely observe a hasty but unsuccessful attempt to storm the walls. He then realised his artillery was too far away to make any impact to soften the defences before nightfall

Ali I (Steve Gudmansen)exhorts his forces to storm the walls
while the Empress Elizabeth (Allan Lumley) looks in quiet confidence.

Night falls and "Moscow" is surrounded 
but the Turkish artillery is still too far away.

The conflict has been a tactical victory for the Russians. By delaying accepting the sieige they have cost the Turks an irreplaceable cavalry unit, while behind their back in Central Russia a lightning Russian strike force has regained the province cutting the Turks off from resupply.

Like so many before and possibly after Sultan Ali i is forced into retreat towards the Turkish homeland as winter 1742 apperoaches.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

European Guardian Spring 1742
First Edition

Turkish Cartographer Executed

Sultan Ali 1 has ruthlessly executed his cartographer following his failure to guide the Turkish horde to the gates of Moscow. Instead his vast force is languishing in the vastnesses of Central Russia with only the steppe ponies for company.

Russian Domination of Scandinavia Complete

The last stand of the Swedish Nationalists

Russian forces now stand overlooking the North Atlantic from the Norwegian fjords. At the same time insurrection in Stockholm has been put down and its hold on Sweden in consolidated

Jacobite rebellion finally crushed

The last remnants of the Jacobite Rabble

The hopes of the Stuart Pretender to regain the English Crown have come to naught. There has been a ruthless purging of the Jacobites and the Pretender himself was forced to flee disguised as a woman.

Caught on i-phone
The pretender slips past British grenadiers

Franco-Austro-Prussian Confused Merry-Go-Round
Armies on the move in Central Europe and Northern Italy

European Guardian correspondents report German principalities changing hands almost daily as French, Austrian and Prussian armies march into and out of places like Baden, Berg and Franconia.  Elise von Pullapint who keeps the Soldier's Rest in Frankfurt said There has to be a battle soon"

And from further south there are rumours of an impending Austro-French battle over Milan.